ME is not only about creating beauty but also empowering our economic hubs. It's time to bring economic strength back into the neighborhood.


We created a training facility in Linbro Business Park, central to both Alexandra and Tembisa but also accessible to major Taxi lines for easy commuting from all other areas.


We don't only focus on training stylists  in the latest global hair styling and beauty techniques, we also train our stylists in how to operate a business. 


Whilst our stylists are currently running a business they haven't yet been trained how to operate a highly profitable, SUSTAINABLE business. 


That's where we come in. There is enormous potential in every single neighborhood that is not being embraced and we have the opportunity to teach stylists to really embrace the economic potential on their corners.


It's time someone built up South African's, giving them skills and an opportunity to create. operate, stock and sustain an amazing business, creating wealth not only for them but for their neighborhoods, families and friends.


ME is all about creating beauty and sustainable economic hubs in every corner of South Africa and we intend to make good on our promise to create profitable, amazing looking businesses that uplift people, communities and areas!