It's about time you didnt have to take two taxi's there and back, a whole day and a lot of money to just get your relaxer, conditioning spray and your extension hair.  And that's not including the time to do your hair!


Now it's all on your door step. At OG we offer a full collection of braids and hair pieces, wet products including a full array of different brands (we know different people use different products!) and of course full items to maintain your nails, your fashion accessories and more.


So not only can you come shopping for what you need to create your style but also for the buts and bobs which make you feel wow!


No more travellig backward amd forward, now we have made sure it's at the OG on your corner. 


But what about the price you ask? Does this convenience come at a price? The answer is simple. OG has access to one of the largest distribution channels, making sure you have not only the latest of products in your salon but also the most affordable. 


So dont get caught out buying old stock, travelling backward and forward and spending an unneccessary fortune when it's all on your doorstep!