Designed to suit your needs ME offers a variety of salon options. From a Prestige double story salon with all the extras to a simple POD, we have a solution for every stylist. 


Our POD's are designed to upgrade our stylists from the current restraints they experience to a simpler more sophisticated solution. 


We don't expect our stylists to start with our gold option but rather to grow with us from a POD filled with water and stock to the ultimate Salon! Our tailor made solutions allow our stylists to be more than just hair stylists. Our POD's incorporate nail bars, eyelash extension stations, barber stations and of course a point of sale station!


So style your salon and step into a world of glamour and style without breaking the bank!


For our consumers, we offer a host of menu's from extensions to treatments. 


Book your session on your mobile or just walk in, our stylists are geared to style any you can dream up!


And now there is a ME on a corner near you. So no more traveling, no need to go and buy your hair...with ME you will find it all in our salons. From beautiful Brazilian hair to regular braid quality to every brand you desire, to cosmetics made just for you...we have it all!


Now the ultimate beauty solution is on your doorstep!



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