THE ME BARBER is just of the many options available at the ME salons. Its the ultimate Male solution to urban styling...the African way.


In our chairs we wash, shave, trim, massage and even wax while you hand out with the lads. ME barber is not the commercial in our solution you get in the city but a neighborhood vibe where you can style that swagger without worrying whose coming next. 


Have that strong coffee and enjoy that close shave, whilst we treat your over gym-ed shoulders to a relaxing massage.  Now waiting for your girlfriend just became the ultimate thing to do on a Saturday ...


So why wait for hours while your girlfriend does her our esteemed barbers can create your styles or give you the ultimate classic shave whilst you wait?


The ME barbers are the best in the business. They take their business seriously, paying attention to detail, using only the bets products on the market to your skin an upmarket experience at neighborhood prices.


So..embrace the new city slick, urban styles with our personally trained specialists and leave the neighborhood looking stylin!






Stand all day, rough work on those hands? Don't let you lady run away at the thought of your touch. Let us leave your touch smooth, soft and clean.




Get that slick city style with a clean cut shave and trim.Our prices are spectacular and our expertise...well...we are the urban hub after all!





Oh yes, you can! Get that body ready for summer with our wax treatments. After all, let's get it done fast and efficiently so that you too can stand out in the crowd.




Gone are the days when only women had facials. Finally, men are taking their looks seriously too. Designing our facials to ease your stubble and leave you looking smooth and styled for your night on the town.




Whilst you have your face expertly shaved lets us get that crick out of your neck and shoulders. Our therapists are expertly trained to release that day's tension and ensure that late night out disappears by the time you leave. Bring us that crick in your neck!